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Chocolates, candies, muffins, and cakes, do you even need a marketing campaign to sell them?

Turns out you do!

We know that kids and adults alike are nuts for these sweet delights, but with competitors in the market, you need a structured marketing plan so that those with a sweet tooth satisfy their cravings with your products. Throw in a relevant logo to your marketing mix and your work is half done!

LogoSkill helps you do just that. We specialize in:

Candy logos

Cake and Muffin logos

Bread and Bakery logos

Biscuits and Cookies logos

Pastries and Brownies Logos

Let us take a look at major confectionary businesses in the world and how their logo does most of the selling.


M&M‘s was found as M&M Limited in 1941 in New Jersey. M&M’s current logo is dark chocolate brown Ms in lower case. This logo appears with a variety of backgrounds such as yellow, red, and blue, depending upon the product. The chocolate hue of this logo triggers the sugar rush that a person experiences after eating these candies.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Historically, pure chocolate has been the snack of royals. With white on the purple logo, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk re-constructs that royal-ness, as purple is the color associated with kings and queens. Dairy Milk, a cheaper treat, is in no way near pure chocolate, which is still very expensive. It was smart on the logo designer’s part to associate regular milk chocolate to high-end chocolate with just a logo.


Lauduree is the quintessential luxury French bakery famous for its delicacies such as macarons and eclairs. Like all luxury brands, Laduree’s logo is minimal with gold letters on pale olive green, and sometimes lavender back-ground. Now, how posh is that! Laduree’s logo works well to maintain its image as an elite bakery. Their logo, and their macarons.

Oreo change

Oreos are everyone’s favorites. Some say it is an earlier European symbol for quality. It is also known as the Cross of Lorraine. This Cross was carried by the Knights Templar into the Crusades. Oreo’s fans may not know about the history behind its logo, but it plays a significant role in helping them choose the biscuits they want to snack on.

Sadaharu Aoki, France

Sadaharu Aoki is run by a Japanese pastry chef, by the same name, in Paris, France. His style is comprised of French techniques combined with minimalistic aesthetics. This reflects in his logo design as well. Sadaharu Aoki’s logo appears simple and unapologetically French. His logo reflects his work aesthetic. Sadaharu Aoki’s logo is a minimalistic brand name written in dark and light grey on a pale grey background.

Crosstown Donuts, London

Crosstown describes itself as a scratch bakery. They knead and roll their dough by hand. Their logo is a funky Crosstown written above a donut with a bite taken from it. Their color palette is monochromatic. This logo aptly translates their edgy, organic and youthful brand spirit. This is what a good logo is all about. It summarizes your brand in one image.

Hafiz Mustafa Confectionary, Turkey

Hafiz Mustafa Confectionary is a prolific Turkish confectionery shop that has been around since 1864. Hafiz Mustafa Confectionary boasts a vintage black and white logo. The logo is oval-shaped with the bakery’s name and the founder’s photograph. The vintage design speaks to the purists, which is most of us when it comes to traditional sweets. The old-world charm of the logo gives an aura of authenticity and heritage.

Levain Bakery, USA

Levain Bakery began operating in 1995 as a retail bakery. Its founders and owners and Constance McDonalds and Pamela Weekes. Their logo is a whimsical periwinkle pink background and medium saturation Persian blue brand name. For a retail brand, their logo is quite luxurious. This plays as an advantage, since people get to have an elite experience when they buy a cookie from them.

La Farine, Dubai

La Farine Boulangerie & Patisserie first began baking in 1977. Their logo is a quirky, vintage piece of art with a powder blue background and maize yellow brand name written in cursive with an azure accent. La Farine’s logo is timeless and relevant. Now it may seem like an oxymoron but trust LogoSkill to deliver just that.

Tai Cheong Bakery, Singapore

Tai Cheong Bakery in Singapore was founded in 1954. Their logo is ornate with the brand name written in gold against a plain white background. The logo is highly Asian in its roots, which reflects that they stay true to their Singaporean roots in their cooking.

Recipe of Creating the Best Confectionary Logo in the Town

We’ll tell you the secret ingredient right away: hiring a logo designer!

Now we know hiring a logo designer to do the job may sound excessive, but hear us out. You go to a dentist to get your tooth extracted. You go to a trained butcher to get your meat. It only makes sense for you to hire a logo designer to get a memorable sweet shop logo designed for you. It is a long-time investment that you will certainly not regret. Contact LogoSkill to get one such logo for you.

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